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Seeking recovery from substance use disorder, through outpatient care, allows you to work the program on your schedule alongside others who know what you’re going through. Outpatient treatment is a great option for individuals who have a stable, supportive home and work environment and who are self-motivated. Outpatient services include education about the disease of addiction, 12-step meetings, as well as group, individual and family therapy.

We Meet You Where You Are

At Cumberland Heights, we know what a confusing and frightening experience battling a substance use disorder can be. We also know that each person’s situation is unique. That’s why we believe in offering services that meet you where you are. You won’t find one-size-fits-all treatment at our Clarksville location. Instead, you’ll speak one-on-one with caring staff members who want to hear your story. From there, we’ll work with you on designing a fully individualized treatment plan. Depending on factors like how long you’ve been using and whether you have any co-occurring conditions, your plan will consist of a combination of the below services.

Treatment Planning & Therapy

Treatment planning is a collaborative process in which clinicians work with a client to develop a plan of care based on the client’s needs, concerns and future goals. This plan will inform the treatment decisions your team makes throughout your time at Cumberland Heights.

Group therapy is the primary modality of treatment at our Clarksville Outpatient Recovery Center. We also schedule individual sessions that allow for one-on-one support from a counselor who specializes in addiction treatment. These sessions allow for individualized treatment and continuing care planning. Patients will have the opportunity to explore potential sources of addictive behaviors, develop coping skills and gain insight into addiction through group and individual sessions. These sessions are the bedrock for lasting recovery.

Cumberland Heights utilizes Evidence Based Practices, or EBPs, meaning the treatment we provide is backed by longstanding research with outcomes followed by our dedicated research department, The Research Institute. Some of the EBPs we use in our center include:

Substance Use Disorder Assessments

If you feel like your substance use has become a problem, but aren’t sure what next steps to take, get in touch. We can help through an assessment done by experts in the field of addiction treatment.

At Cumberland Heights, our compassionate clinicians utilize assessments to help determine the best approach for treating a patient’s substance use disorder, along with any co-occurring mental health issues like anxiety, depression or PTSD.

If you have questions about our addiction assessment process or would like to schedule a screening for a substance use disorder for yourself or a loved one, contact our Clarksville Outpatient Recovery Center today.

Liaising With the Recovery Court & Veterans Court​

Cumberland Heights regularly works with the Montgomery County Recovery Court and Veterans Court. Our treatment programs satisfy the requirements of these courts. Furthermore, our team members are happy to provide information to the courts for the duration of your program participation. By partnering with the court system, we’re able to make our communities safer and healthier. Lifelong recovery benefits not only the individual with the substance use disorder, but their families, the community and the economy.


Case Management

Often, addiction treatment encompasses a variety of resources and services, and it can feel overwhelming to keep track of it all. Our case management team helps to alleviate the stress of treatment by coordinating the various services in which you are participating. Our caring case managers are available to answer the questions you have about different services and connect you to resources both within and outside our center.

12-Step and Group Programs

Recovery is most effective within a supportive community. Our integration of the 12-step model into individual therapy and within a group setting allows for holistic recovery support. Our Clarksville center offers a variety of recovery groups to support your sobriety regardless of your stage of treatment.

PTSD and Trauma-Informed Treatment

Because there is often a correlation between trauma and the development of a substance use disorder, our Clarksville team of clinicians is highly skilled in trauma-informed therapy techniques for members of the military and the general public. By addressing the sources of trauma in a safe environment, patients are able to develop healthy coping skills to manage symptoms of PTSD or other trauma-related disorders.

Family Programming

Because addiction often impacts all members of the family, our outpatient center in Clarksville provides educational programs and support services for parents, children, spouses and other loved ones of those in recovery. These classes offer education on substance use disorders while helping families develop skills to support their loved one. We also provide space for families to work through their feelings related to addiction and hear from others who are navigating similar situations.

Telehealth Options

People throughout Tennessee seeking treatment from their own home can access Intensive Outpatient Treatment through Telehealth. Patients can choose a morning or an evening group and participate from a confidential space in their own home, deriving benefits of group and individual counseling that occur in our in-person groups. All that is required is an internet connection with a camera for two-way visual connection. Treatment sessions are dynamic and utilize multiple facets of technology to engage our clients through group therapy, educational topics and patient presentations of personalized treatment plan assignments. 

Outpatient Recovery Services in Clarksville, TN​

We are committed to making our evidence-based addiction treatment accessible to all. With our morning and evening meeting times, anyone can find the time to heal. Whether you’re in school, working, or have a family who needs you at home, our addiction treatment is designed to meet your needs. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.

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